Friday, April 22, 2011

Homemade Peeps and More!

After almost all the jellies failed I figured I needed something else to fill the baskets besides peeps and hard candy, so I started thinking about all the leftover Wilton's Candy Melts I had left over. It got me thinking about peppermint patties which are so easy and fast to make. I had never had peppermint patties with white chocolate but I figured why not try it!

Like I said, I had left over candy melts, so not much for dipping, so I decided to dip the eggs with two colors (yellow and blue) and accent them with a third color (purple) to cover the seam. They were fun to make, although Wiltons Candy Melts can be hard to work with. I so much prefer my Chocoley's Dipping and Enrobing Formula, although I don't miss having to color the white chocolate myself! They taste pretty good too. It's a nice change from the traditional recipe.

Yesterday, I finally put the eyes and flower centers on my second batch of peeps. Its amazing how much a little dab of black royal icing makes! It makes up for my first attempt!

How pretty would these peeps be as a centerpeice on your table? Its too bad that I already had plans to package them in small cellophane bags and in the Easter baskets for my neices. So I spent hours today printing stickers, cutting card stock, stapling, etc... In all, I made 13 packages, varying the stickers and card stock to match the peeps.

It took about 4 hours! So much more time than I had expected! Especially since I started the stickers weeks ago. But the end product was worth it. I can't wait to pass them out to my neighbors tomorrow!

I mean, who wouldn't want a package of these?

They look so sweet and springy! Is that a word? I will have to try that in Words With Friends to see ;-)

And again going witht he flow sometimes works out. Having the macaroon shaped marshmallows allows the more traditional peeps to shine while almost putting them in a scene. Like maybe they are little pillows for the chicks and bunnies...

I think this one is my favorite! The polka dots are just so cute and the complimentary colors are so striking. This is the only slicker I cut out like this because I just didn't have the time to do all that intricate cutting today, but you can see how nice the effect is.

Okay, so now its time to start prepping for Easter dinner. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!!

Sweet Charity


  1. A lot of work for sure but it paid off. These are all adorable and I love all the colours that you did them in.

  2. Thanks! But I have to admit I feel kinda lazy when I look at your blog and see all those beautiful royal icing baskets! Maybe some day I'll manage to make the baskets and candy!