Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Cookie Favors

Our amazing friends Paul and Angie got married this past Monday at Glen Echo Park. Its this really cool old amusement park that is now owned and run by the National Park Service. The only ride left is the carousel but there are all these awesome neon signs throughout the park. They got married in the Cuddle Up and the reception was in the bumper car pavilion.

Because I love love this wonderful couple, I offered to make them cookie favors. Keep in mind this is the largest production of cookies I've least that are decorated. They decided to serve popcorn late in the party, so we went with a popcorn cookie.

I spent weeks designing and redesigning the labels because I just wasn't happy with my work. I finally came up with this one after some inspiration from the hubby. So this is like version 472....okay not really but I made a lot. It just shows that two heads think better than one.

I had planned to do all of the packaging stuff in advance, but things have been crazy busy so we started about 10 days before the wedding, making dough, ordering the paper, making the bows etc. I couldn't have done it without my awesome husband who on top of working and cookie baking, officiated the wedding.

I'm sorry that I didn't take more pictures, but I wanted to have fun, and I was so busy crying so often...very happy tears. It was so beautiful and I hope to share with you the photos from the official photographer later. I could never do photographic justice to this wedding. It was magical from the beginning to end. When the wedding started it was raining and the bride came out with her parents under a thinly striped umbrella. She looked like a vision under a parasol, like something out of a Jack Vettriano painting. Once the couple got to the front of the Cuddle Up, the rain stopped and by the end of the ceremony the sun was shining brightly. It was truly one of the most beautiful days of my life and just so touching because everything was so personally crafted to reflect Paul and Angie. I just don't have enough words....

So, I will leave you with a contest. This is try two. Cupcake Creations gave me these wonderful cupcake liners to give away. If you would like to enter the contest, subscribe by email (top right corner of the page) and then leave a message telling me which liners you would prefer. There will be two winners chosen at random. The first name chsosen will receive 4 packages. the second winner will receive 3 packages.

Good Luck and Happy Baking!

Sweet Charity

(there are two packages of #5 available)