Sunday, February 20, 2011

I ♥ Donuts!!!!!

In my world there are three major food groups....mashed potatoes, cheese and donuts! Seriously!!! I actually don't eat donuts more than a couple times a year now because its such an addictive obsession of mine. If allowed I could eat a dozen plus... So, for obvious reasons my house is a donut free zone...until today!

Kevin's cousin lives in Duck, North Carolina and we have been vacationing there a lot lately. This lovely little town is home to Duck's Donuts, a small chain of donut shops that makes your donuts fresh to order, yummy hot cake donuts with toppings like chocolate, vanilla and maple. Seriously to die for!!!!

So I've been feeling the winter blahs and thought a culinary trip to donut land would be a good me and the hubby made chocolate donuts with chocolate glaze which equals twice the rich goodness.

I don't do anything the normal way, so I made the donuts heart shaped. Valentine's Day has passed but February is still the month of love, right? To cut them out I used a large and a small heart cutter. We made a couple heart donut holes too, but they did not retain thier shape as well once they puffed up in the oil.

I had a bunch of Valentines hearts and nonpareils left over, so on they went! They really make the donuts pop with the contrasting colors!

They were so yummy with a cup of coffee. I mean delish! But I must say they would have been equally lovely with a cold glass of milk since they were made with dutch processed cocoa, so uber rich... Want to celebrate Presedent's Day with some love and chocolate? Here is the recipe I used... Its super easy, just make sure to give yourself extra time for the dough to chill.

Happy Baking ;-)
Sweet Charity