Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl Cookies!!!!!

So, I was in a quandary all week trying to figure out what to make for the Superbowl. I was looking around on Google for images that would spark my imagination. I saw lots of football helmets and jerseys but I thought they were too obvious.

My favorite part of watching the big game is the commercials. I am not a sports fan, unless you classify figure skating as a sport.... My second fave? The food!!!! So, again I went to Google in search of junk food cookie images. Because I only seem to do marathon baking I decided to make three types of food.

Me and the faithful hubby started with pizza...

After rolling out the dough I used a pizza pan to make the circle and cut it into 8 slices. I also crimped the edges to give it that raised crust look. After the dough went in the oven I began to make olives and pepperoni with royal icing. I made them on wax paper so they would peel off easily.

Once the cookies cooled, I iced them with "sauce". I made the royal icing thick so I could spread it, giving the sauce a chunky, textural look.

After the "tomato sauce" started to set up I piped on the mozzarella with a decorating bottle with a wide tip. I then scattered the pepperoni and olives on top of the cheese. Once I placed the meat and veggies I went back and added a little more "cheese" so it wouldn't look too perfect.

We found the pizza pan at the dollar store. Once we placed the pizza on the pan it looked so real we figured we had to take some pictures with it in the oven!!!!

We also made french fries. This project was super easy! Just sugar cookies cut into strips. After they came out of the oven we topped them with sugar to mimic salt. Who doesn't like salt on their fries? The baskets came from the party store. With the baskets and the royal icing "ketchup", they really look like the real deal.

I found these wonderful hot dog cookies on the blog Butter Hearts Sugar and had to make them!!! I love hot dogs... These cuties are the size of cocktail wieners...Hot dog Sliders Anyone?

So we will be off to our party tomorrow with a smorgasbord of fake food!!! Go Steelers!!! (Sorry to all the Packers fans out there, but I'm a Pennsylvania girl at heart!)

Enjoy your Superbowl parties everyone!!
~Sweet Charity


  1. Great royal icing work on the pizza cookies!

  2. Thanks. It was time intensive, but pretty easy. The only problem was that everyone said it was weird eating them because they looked so much like pizza.

  3. Ok, so I was thinking of this "pizza" for my daughter's birthday cake. Could you tell me what kind of frosting, how you did the colors, and the olives and pepperoni (chocolate?) So I can try it out?

    1. Hi Sophia!

      The pizza cookies are made with royal icing. I used gel food coloring and made the pepperoni, olives and such separately on wax paper and applied them to the mozzarella. If you are good with chocolate I definitely think it could be done that way. I would use a good white chocolate such as Chocoley's and color it will gel food coloring. I find that the pre-colored chocolate is too think to work with and seizes easily.

      It's not tasty, but fondant could also be used...

      Please let me now how it turns out!

    2. thanks! I've NEVER done homemade frosting before and have just started baking, so this could be interesting. I have been searching and heard it is hard to make red, so I think getting the color right for the sauce will be VERY tricky for me. I thought about the chocolate, but my son has a peanut allergy and most of that has peanut warnings on it. :(

  4. if you don't mind, could you tell me how you got the royal icing to be "shiny"? I think that really would help with making this look right..... Thanks!

  5. I usually make my royal icing with egg whites and not Meringue powder which makes an icing that is dull and not as tasty. The popcorn cookies I made for my friend's wedding were made with Meringue powder because I didn't want any chance of anyone getting sick (not that I've ever had a problem when using raw eggs).

  6. Love the pizza and French fries. Thanks for telling us how you made these. I will use this as a guide when I make mine.